18 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms You Need To Know


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast area where lots of important terms are available. To get clear concept about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its proper application you need to know these terms. This knowledge can also give you right idea about what needs to do and what not. For this reason today I am going to share some important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms that will be helpful to you. So let see.

1. 301 Redirects
In this technique visitors automatically redirect from one link to another link. This technique is mainly used when a website change its address. Then visitors automatically redirected to new address. Just for example in case of Blogger, when you add a top level domain in your blog then by using this technique visitors automatically redirected from old address to new address.

2. Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO is one type of illegal website optimization practices. In this techniques search engine optimization rules and guidelines do not maintain properly by webmasters. Keyword staffing, invisible text, spamming backlinks, clocking, doorway page, link farm etc are included in this technique. It is also called Unethical SEO. Search engines always avoid these type of techniques.

3. Clocking
It’s a special type of Black Hat SEO. In this technique a website shows two different view. One is optimized for visitors and another is optimized for search engines. Just an example some times you may find some websites which has higher page rank compared to its contents and visitors. Normally its not possible, but by this technique you can do it easily. Search engines penalized a website when follow this technique. So never practice this technique in your website.

4. Doorway Page
For increasing search engine ranking when a specific page is created with dense keywords and redirect visitors to another website then it is termed as doorway page. In this technique contents are written below 50 words with a link (targeted link) and huge keywords.

5. Index Pages
When search engines store your website’s content then it is termed as index pages. Normally search engines take few hours to seven days to index a newly published content or website. Search engines always show only index pages in search result. For this reason search engine indexing is very important for getting organic traffic.

6. Link Exchange
Actually it’s a mutual contact between two or more webmasters. When two or more webmasters exchange links with each other to increase backlinks then it is termed as link exchange. Just an example a webmaster keep a link in his website, as a result other webmasters will keep his link in their website.

7. Link Farm
It’s a part of Black Hat SEO. This type of work search engines indicate as spam. Just for example, you have a website. Then you also make extra five blogs or websites and put every site’s link in every blog or website for getting backlinks. Then it is termed as link farm. When search engines indicate this type of practice then search engines will reject all websites link from index. Just build your website's backlink naturally.

8. Meta Data
Meta data contains basic information about a website. It is used to give important information ( Just like website owner, author name, author e-mail address, location, language, copy right protection, keywords, description etc) to web-crawlers about a website.

9. Sitemap
Sitemap is the basic structure of a website. It is mainly two types. First one is HTML sitemap, which is used for visitor friendly navigation and the second one is XML sitemap, which is used for web-crawler friendly navigation.

10. Panda Update
It is a series of update released by Google to its search engine ranking algorithm. It is used to increase search engine ranking of a quality website.

11. Penguin Update
it is a series of update released by Google to indicate and protect spam contents and website. It is used to decrease search engine ranking of a website which violate Google’s webmaster guideline. Basically by this algorithm Google Find out duplicate and lower quality contents.

12. Robot.txt
Robot.txt is one type of language that is use control web-crawlers. Actually it is used to inform search crawlers about the structure and content of a website. Proper using of robot.txt can give you better search engine ranking and traffic.

13. SERP
SERP it means Search Engine Results Page. It’s the result page given by a search engine with a specific keyword. Top ranking in SERP is very important for getting organic traffic.

14. Search Algorithm
Search algorithm is used to find out related results when we search through a specific keyword in search engines. Only Google use more than 200 factors to find out a search result. Google use title tag, meta tag, site age, social popularity, total G-plus, visitors etc to give appropriate search result.

15. Sandbox
Basically Google index all newly discovered websites in sandbox. After proper verification that the website is legitimate, then the site link move to main index. After sandbox verification Google shows the content in search result.

16. Traffic Rank And Page Rank
Traffic rank and page rank totally two different thing. Traffic rank is estimated by Alexa.com and it calculated on the basis of the total visitors of a website. When you get huge visitors then you will get good traffic rank. Page rank is estimated by Google.com on the basis of the total backlinks of a website. More backlinks from higher page ranked website ensure higher page rank.

17. Web-crawler or Web-spider
Web-crawler is a program that surfs all website to collect information from that website and save the information in its server.

18. White Hat SEO
When a website is optimized in a legal way then it is called White Hat SEO. In this technique webmasters follow search engine’s rule and regulation properly. This technique is so effective but long time process. It is also called Ethical SEO.

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Nicely Explained, it can be a lot of hassle for newbies to understand what everyone is talking about



Really I definitely agree with you that Search Engine Optimization is a vast area where lots of important terms are available.Thanks for your blob.It's very beneficial especially if you are considering a SEO.


Thank you for your comment.


This is really informative content on SEO and i get many new and knowledgeable ideas regarding seo.


Ricky Braod



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