How To Generate More Traffic From Facebook

how-to-generate-more-traffic-from-facebook a top level social networking site and also very popular to all. It has about 1.06 billion of monthly active users and 618 million of daily active users. Not only that now-a-days a Facebook Account is common to every person. Now can you imagine how Facebook is important for your blog or website traffic? By following some special techniques you can easily make Facebook as a top traffic source for your blog or website. Today I am going to share with you how to generate more traffic from Facebook.

So let see from where you will start-

Facebook Account Profile

Every Facebook user has an account profile. You need to start from your Facebook Account. You need lots of Facebook friends. Good decoration of a Facebook profile is very important to attract other people. Well designed and proper informative profile can give you lots of Facebook friend. After ensuring a complete profile you need to follow below steps to promote your site and its contents.

1. Add Your Site Link
Add your blog or website links with short description in your account profile. It will be helpful to your friends and they can easily visit your site.

2. Share Your Site's Content
Share your blog or website contents through Facebook. You can share post links, images, video clips etc with your friends. Always keep your site link in your post. Most of the people attract to visual imaged based post than written post. In your post always use nice and good quality image. This technique works great for getting more traffic from Facebook.

3. Make Comment
Give comment on others posts, images which are related with your blog or website and leave your blog or website address in that comment. By doing this when people read your comment then they will feel interest to visit your blog or website.

4. Increase Like
Inspire your Facebook friends to give like on your shared contents and posts. You can give message individually and inspire them to give like on your contents.

5. Inform Friends
Inform your friends about your blog or website. Inspire them to share your site and its contents on their Facebook profile.

Facebook Group

Firstly you can create your own Facebook group which is related to your site. Invite your friends in that group. Always be connected with your group members. If they face any problem then make discussion with them. Inspire them to visit your site. This technique gives you lots of traffic from Facebook.

Secondly you can join other Facebook groups which is related to your site. Always find related groups otherwise you may reject from that group. Make discussion with other group members and inspire them to visit your site.

Generate Hash [#] Tag In Your Facebook Post

Recently Facebook introduced clickable hash tag [#] option. By using hash tag not only fans but also other people can find your updates very easily. Use hash tag [#] only for specific word and put this sign [#] before the word. Just like if you use "#Traffic-From-Facebook" with hash tag then people can get all updates which is related with that term. Use limited (one or two times) hash tag in every post.

Create Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page is very important for getting Facebook traffic to your site. Through Facebook fan page people can easily connect with your site and also get latest updates very easily. Regular posting is very important for fan page. You can also wish your site’s fan in special days to connect with them. Share your Facebook fan page with your friends and inspire them to like your Facebook fan page.

Add Facebook Fan Page Like Button In Your Site

Connect your Facebook fan page with your site through a fan page like button in your site. As a result visitors can easily connect with your site and get updates regularly through their Facebook account without visiting your site.

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Add Facebook Like & Send Button In Your Site

Add Facebook like and send button in your site article. As a result visitors can share your contents and normally produce huge backlinks for your site.

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Link Your Facebook Profile With Other Networks

Connect your Facebook profile with other networks just like Twitter. As a result when you publish any thing in your Facebook profile then it will publish on other networks that will be helpful for getting more traffic.

Create Facebook Ads

You can create ads of your fan page or posts that will display on others Facebook account. Its a great opportunity from Facebook to promote your site. This technique will give lots of Facebook fans to your fan page and likes to your posts. If you are professional then this technique will be great to you.

NB: To get better result you need lots of friends in your Facebook Account. Try to increase friends who has common interest like you. Find out your blog or website related Facebook Group and sent friend request to that people have same interest. Most of the people do not check Facebook Page or Facebook Group to get latest updates. They only depend on news feed. For this reason you need to be active and give regular post to be active.

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