Up To 90% Google Organic Search Traffic Dropped Worldwide


It’s a great alarming news to all internet user that near about 40% (percent) Google web traffic has dropped after 16th August 2013 worldwide. Almost all websites faced the problem, specially Technology, Entertainment, E-commerce related sites based on Blogger and Wordpress affected highly than other sites. Not only your website, including this site and all websites worldwide lost up to 90% (percent) Google Organic search traffic after that problem. Lots of Blogger blogs also faced about 50% (percent) to 90% (percent) Google search traffic penalty without any previous noticed or announcement. Matt Cutts, heads of the Google web-spam team did not give any updates about the problem in his blog and twitter profile. Everyone of you know that only Google organic search can give tons of traffic. Now can you imagine the present situation how much affected the sites which is only depended on Google organic search traffic.

Actually What Happened On 16th August

It is not clear to all actually what happened after 16th August 2013. But lots of website lost Google organic traffic, which is alarming to all webmasters. Is it Google Penalty Update or technical problem that occurred on that day? But it is found that Google.com and several Google services was down on 16th August 2013 between 23:52 and 23:57 BST (British Summer Time) near about for 5 minutes. After that problem webmasters around the world found that it creates a great algorithmic changes bigger than Google panda and penguin updates from last five years. It dramatically changed SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Some Trusted Sources With Detailed Information

1. GoSquared.com
GoSquared.com is a very popular and well known online tool which offers real time analytics for websites. On its real time analytics it is found that on 16th August Google.com was dramatically down near about for 5 minutes. People could not access all Google services on that time. Below the chart shows a gigantic drop in Google search found by GoSquared installed real time tracking tool.

Source: www.gosquared.com (Please click the image to enlarge)

2. Quantcast.com
Quantcast.com is a free and professional online tool which gives accurate, dependable audience insights with detailed demographic and geographic lifestyle information both for web and mobile websites. In this site they reported that on 16th August Google.com and its many services was down from 3:51 pm to 3:57 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), just over 5 minutes. Below the chart shows near about 40% (percent) web search traffic decreased in that time.

Source: www.quantcast.com (Please click the image to enlarge)

3. Algoroo.com
Algoroo is a very popular site which shows Google algorithmic changes. Below the chart shows that on 16th August and 21th August Google greatly refreshed their indexed data which not occurred before.

Source: www.algoroo.com (Please click the image to enlarge)

4. SERPMetrics.com
It’s a great online tool which shows search changes for all major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). From below chart you can easily found that on 21th August Google greatly changes its searches.

Source: www.serpmetrics.com/flux/ (Please click the image to enlarge)

From the above data now it is clear that now we are passing a complex situation. We need to recover our previous traffic and revenue. For this reason now we need to take some new steps for search engine optimization of our sites.

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Please share your important experience if you have faced above problem from past few weeks. Your comment will be helpful to us.

NB: Above article is written just from present situation. We do not want to lose any reputation of Google and its services. We really love Google and its services. Actually we want to overcome present situation and want to get Google organic search traffic as before, just it. Be patient and best wishes to all. Smile

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Me too had traffic drop. Were you able to rcover from it?


I can't recover all organic traffic as before but it is improving day-by-day.



Nice post about the organic traffic. You're right, I've heard load of sites search traffic dropped after this 2.1 update. I think SEO is now dead we should focus on high quality content to get search traffic.


It is very important for a website alexa ranking. When your site alexa rank come down it is very helpful for more traffic gain for your website.


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