How To Solve Broken Link Problem In Blogger Blog


Broken Link is a common term to web-developers. Its a great problem in getting higher internal PageRank Juice. For different reasons broken links may be found. Mainly during deleting a blog post or page, broken link problem is occurred. As a result when visitors or web-crawlers visit the URL then found Page Not Found (404 ERROR) problem. As a result visitors skip to another site and web-crawlers can not index the URL. For this reason today I am going to share how to solve broken links problem.

Why You Should Solve Broken Link Problem

1. Visitors and Web-crawlers do not find the blog post or page. This problem reduce blog reputation.

2. Search engine records it as crawling error and does not index in database.

3. Affect in internal Page-Rank juice.

4. It is not search engine friendly.

How To Solve Broken Links problem

If you are a blogger user, then you can easily solve the broken links problem by using Google Webmaster Tool. In your Google Webmaster Dashboard you can find a list of crawl errors. You can redirect 10 links/URL for each blogger blog. For this reason just redirect important URLs. Now just follow below steps to solve broken link problem-

How To Find Broken Links

When you delete a post or page then the link does not work. Visitors come in your blog through search result or other source. But your site's internal links show 404 errors where you used the link. As a result visitors ignore your blog and skip to another site. To solve this problem you can easily find out the broken links from Google Webmaster Tool.

1. Go to Google Webmaster Dashboard

2. Select your blog

3. Click Crawl Errors >> Not Found. Then you can get a list of broken links. It may be occurred for post deletion, comment deletion, page deletion. Do not worry it has less impact on your Blog SEO.




4. Choose important broken link from the list and click on the link then you can get detailed information about the broken link.


How To Redirect Broken Link To Present Link

5. Login in your blogger dashboard

6. Go to Setting >> Search Preference >> Custom Redirect >> Edit


7. Click New Redirect. Then you get two boxes. First one is FROM Box and the second one is TO Box. In FROM Bos insert your broken link and in TO Box insert present (exiting link) link. 



8. Now click Save

9. Now your broken link will successfully redirect to existing link or present link.

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nice informatiion about the SEO techniques

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The title will be attractive, when we open the page. The error will be displayed. Thanks for the post. So from now that error won't gets appear by using the above tips.


Nice SEO Technique. One of the easiest ways to lose visitors from your site is through broken or invalid links. So, very important to solve it. Keep posting a helpful post like this.


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