How To Create A Backup File of Blogger Blog


Creating a regular backup is very important to blog owner, especially for Blogger user. Different types of reason, a backup file is very important to you. For example, any type of violation or mistake Google can delete your blogger blog without any notification to you, hackers may hack your blogger account, coding writing problem during editing template or during transfer your Blogspot blog to WordPress site. Then it will create a great problem and also give a pain to you if you don’t create a backup file before. For this reason, regular backup of Blogger blog is very important. If you face any type of problem then you can easily restore your previous backup file.

In the previous article, we discussed on how to backup blogger template. Today we will share how to create a backup file of blogger blog or multiple blogs at a time.

How to create a backup file of a single/specific blogger blog
1. Login into your Blogger Dashboard using your Blogspot login Gmail and password.
2. After properly login go to Template >> Setting >> Other >> Export Blog.
3. Now click Export Blog and save the backup file (which is .XML format) in your computer’s hard drive. By doing this, you can create a backup file of a single blog. But you have lots of Blogger blogs then you need to follow another technique to create the total backup. See below steps to backup multiple Blogger blogs at a time.


How to create a backup file of multiple blogger blogs
For multiple blog backup, Google has a special service called Google Takeout. You don’t need to create an account in Google Takeout. Just login with your Blogspot mail address and password. Through this technique, you can create a backup of all blogs that are created under the same Blogspot account. Follow below steps to create a backup file.
1. Go to Google Takeout and login with the same Gmail address which you are using for Blogspot blogs.
2. After login click Choose Service Button from the top menu.


3. Then click Blogger from Select A Service option.
4. Click Create Archive button and wait until the whole backup process is complete.


5. After completing the whole backup process, you will get a download button, just like below blue color button. Then click the blue color Download button and save the backup file in your computer’s hard drive. By doing this, you can create a backup of multiple blogs of same Blogspot account at a time.


Note: You must regularly backup your blogger blog for avoiding any type of problem. If you face any problem or your blog is deleted for any reason, then can restore your blog using the backup file.

To restore, a blog go to Blogspot dashboard. Then click Setting >> Other >> Blog Tools >> Import Blog. After uploading the full backup file save the setting. Now your task is done and check the blog.

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