How To Install Blogger Template


Blogger is a great platform for blogging. If you want to start a blogging life then you can choose it as your blogging platform. Blogspot is a very easy and simple platform. One of the top benefits of Blogspot blog are totally free, no hosting cost and its default monetization program called Adsense. Lots of bloggers earn thousand of dollars every month through this platform. So why not you? Try it now…

When you will start your blogging life with Blogspot then you want to install an excellent Blogger template for your Blog. Blogger template installation is very easy and simple than the other blogging platform. Today I am going to share with you how to install a template to blogger blog. This post will be helpful for newbies.

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Now how to install new Blogger template
1. Login into your Blogger Dashboard using your gmail and password.
2. Then go to Template >> backup/restore >> download the full template (Backup your old template. Sometimes a new template does not work properly or if you need the previous template).
3. After creating a backup click the icon where it says Choose File. Now select your new blogger template file which is in the XML format.
4. Then Upload the template file. After uploading the template XML file, your work is done. Now check your blog, you will get a new look of your blog.


You must consider some important things before selecting your new Blogger Template
1. SEO friendly template
2. Good navigation both for visitors and web crawlers
3. Good design combination and good color combination
4. Less JavaScript, CSS, iFrame and other codes. Load within a short time
5. Social media friendly and has integrated social media buttons
6. Having SEO friendly social sharing buttons
7. Fully optimized for AdSense or any other Ads


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