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Previous post I have discussed about how to optimize meta keywords for website. Today I am going to share how to make your website navigation friendly both for visitors and web-crawlers. Friendly navigation is very important and essential for a website. It ensures maximum surfing of a website. Visitors can easily get their desired contents, stay long time and reduce bounce rate. Web-crawlers can index properly. Without friendly navigation you do not get your desired traffic.

Chain-post about Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization 
Part6: Navigation Tips

Friendly navigation is a part of search engine optimization. If your blog or website is navigation friendly then you can get more visitors. More visitors more surfing, as a result that can improve bounce rate, Alexa rank, internal page rank etc. For friendly navigation you need to follow some techniques. So let see the techniques-

1. Use suitable and appropriate keywords for target web page or blog post.

2. Keep 2 to 3 anchor texts on each page. Use keywords in anchor text. Do not use CLICK HERE, LINK, CLICK etc for anchor text. Topic related anchor text is best for use.

3. Keep primary keywords in the first section of the post.

4. Use title attribute in the text link.

<a href="Your Link Goes Here" title="Your Link’s Title">Link Label</a>

5. Always avoid Images for navigation. If you need to use image as navigation then use alt tag and title tag. This helps visitors to get better idea about the image link.

6. Use only text links for good navigation. Text link is better than image navigation link.

7. Use 40 to 50 characters for text link.

8. Avoid JavaScript link for navigation.

9. Keep text link common navigation menu for all pages.

10. Keep Home Page Button in every web page for proper navigation.

11. Keep Html Sitemap for visitors and XML sitemap for search engines.

12. Avoid more than 20 links in each page.

13. Use hyphen (-) for renaming file. Just like (navigation-tips-for-website)

14. Make sure that the clickable links must open in a new window. It ensures more page views and reduce bounce rate. To open in a new window use below HTML code.

<a href="Your Link Here" title="Link Title Here" target="_blank">Anchor Text</a>

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