Local Search SEO Tips For Small Business Website Part-2

You already know that online based small business is a vast growing sector. Now-a-days lots of people buy their products from online stores. You can easily invest for small business as an entrepreneur. For online based small business firstly you need a good website. Previous post I have already discussed how to optimize small business website for search engines to get huge visitors. Today I am going to share some other SEO techniques for your small business website. So let start...

Plan For Keywords:
Keyword selection is very important for a website. Most of the people search on search engines based on keywords and try to find desired website. Search engines only show the websites in search result which website contains the specific keyword. Right keywords can give you tons of visitors to your website. For this reason selecting keywords and placing the keywords in right place is very important. Select some primary keywords and add on every page title, meta description, meta tags, image title, image alt tags, page header and other places.

Signup For Google Plus Business Page:
Create a Google+ Business Page and describe your small business properly with relevant keywords. Fill up the about section with the link of small business website. Check carefully that you have filled up every section properly with NAP (name, address, phone number).

Setup Local Google+ Page:
It is very helpful for branding a small business. Create a Google+ Local Page for your small business with detailed information including physical address, phone number, email address and location map. Encourage your customers to leave rating and reviews for products. Both positive and negative reviews are good to encourage customers to buy products from your website.

Add Map In Your Website's About Page:
Sometimes people looking for map to find out the store location easily. Add NAP (name, address, phone number) with hours of operation. Just for example store opening time, closing time, holiday. Now-a-days some websites have live chat option for customers to give instant information. You can use Google Map or Bing Map to add live map to your website.

Ask For Reviews:
In your website you can add review option against each product or category. Ask both positive and negative reviews to your customers. You may think negative reviews may affect your small business but negative reviews are good. When you have only positive reviews and no negative reviews then it looks like fake reviews.

Facebook Ads:
It is a not part of SEO. Facebook ads is very popular to all small business entrepreneur. Through Facebook ads you can easily reach to specific and region wise customers. For creating Facebook ads you need to invest money but it is effective for small business.

Some Common Area You Need To Be Careful:

  • Make social media profiles public and add short description about the small business
  • Create Facebook Page not profile page.
  • Customize Facebook profile page and add small business website url
  • Don't forget to add NAP (name, address, phone number)

Some Helpful Links To Claim Small Business Website:

After optimizing everything you need time to get better results. You need to do everyday SEO for your website. Just follow all SEO techniques and wait for success. Don't forget to share this post with others and leave your helpful suggestion and question to us through the comment box below.

Local Search SEO Tips For Small Business Website Part-1

Recent time most of the people prefer online small business sites to buy products or to collect product related information and it is increasing day by day. According to Google more than 60 percent of consumers search for local business online and 80 percent of them are smart phone users. For this reason you need to optimize your small business website for search engines. Step by step I will try to share some important SEO techniques that will be helpful to you. So let start...

Optimize Your Small Business Website:
Brand name is very important for small business. Choose a Brand Name Domain that reflects your small business properly. Register your domain name with small business information (name, contact address, email, phone number, city, state, country etc) not the personal information. Then optimize your website for both desktop computers and smart phones. You can use responsive website template which is browser friendly for all devices. Add your selected keywords on page title, page meta tag, image alt tag, page header area and also add keyword rich description and meta description. Add Image, Video and other things to decorate your website. Add Email Newsletter option which is helpful for consumers. Add NAP (small business name, address, phone number) in footer page to appear in all pages. Also add in details About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy Page and content navigation Sitemap which is helpful for increasing stability and customers feel secured.

Note: Smart phone users are increasing day-by-day. So keep it on your mind during developing a website. Make your website device friendly. Remember NAP Is very important for online small business.

Add Social Share Buttons In Your Small Business Website:
This technique is very helpful for link building. You need visitors to your website. When you add social share buttons people can easily share contents or products to others. If your small business website have more inbound links (links come from higher ranked sites to your website) than outbound links (links from your website to other quality sites), then Google gives more importance to your small business website. Your small business website will get higher SERP rank.

Note: Always remember satisfied customers always do free advertise about your products. Add responsive social share buttons to your small business website.

Create A Blog For Your Small Business Website:
You can create a blog for your small business website. Regular update your blog and give response to your blog reader. Content size is not important but regular updating is very important. Regular share about present products and upcoming products to your small business blog that customers can get up-to-date information.

Optimize Social Media Profile:
Social media profile is very helpful for small business. In the social media profile section fill up About, Bio and other sections properly. Describe your business and its category properly. Include your small business name, full address, city, state, zip code, country, contact number, email address etc. Always keep a link from social channels to your small business website.

Optimize Social Media Contents:
Always keep relevant search keywords while you are updating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. LinkedIn and other social media profile pages of your small business. Firstly share your contents in Twitter because Google Index it very fast. Always add small business brand name in social updates, this is also helpful for local SEO. Regular share your small business products, product price with details and other informative things to different social platforms.

Note: Customers always compare product price and try to to find best products. So update content with product image, its price and full details or specification.

Use Pinterest:
Its a great social media specially for small business. You can verify your small business website with Pinterest to get more authority of your small business website. Use high quality images for your small business website and share the images in Pinterest. Add title, alt tag, caption in your website images. Through this technique you can get lots of visitors from image search.

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Try to follow above SEO techniques. In my next article I will discuss some other important SEO topics. If you have any question or suggestion then comment through the comment box below. Don't forget to share with others.

How To Add Default LinkedIn Share Button In Blogger Blog


LinkedIn the most popular business based social network for professionals. If you have a business oriented blog then you can add LinkedIn Share Button in the blog post area. Through the share button business related people can easily share your blog post to their LinkedIn profile. As a result you will get higher authority backlinks and huge audience in your blog. Let see how to add LinkedIn Share Button to blogger blog.

Now How To Add LinkedIn Share Button

  • Login to your Blogger Account
  • Go to Setting >> Template >> Backup. Create a backup of your blogger template before template customization. If you face any problem then you can restore your blog template very easily.
  • Then go to Edit HTML >> press in your keyboard CTRL+F to open search box and find out this tag <data:post.body/> After finding the tag <data:post.body/> copy paste below code either above or below the tag depending upon your wish. (Mentioned below)

For Below Post: If you want to show the LinkedIn share button at the end of the post just copy paste below code after the tag. Then share button will display at below post.

For Above Post: If you want to show the LinkedIn share button at the beginning of the post just copy paste below code above the tag. Then share button will display at above post.

Remember: If you find several tags in your blogger template customization area then you need to find the right place for the code. You can keep the code below or above the tag and test your blog that it is working or not. If first tag not working then try for next one.

Button Design:
There are three designs available from where you can choose the best design for your blog.

Vertical Share Button

1. Vertical Share Button
Through this code number of total shares will display above the button. Just copy paste below code to show the LinkedIn Share Button in vertical position.

<script src="//platform.linkedin.com/in.js" type="text/javascript">
lang: en_US
<script type="IN/Share" data-counter="top"></script>

Horizontal Share Button

2. Horizontal Share Button
Through this code number of total shares will display beside the button. Just copy paste below code to show the LinkedIn share button in horizontal position.
<script src="//platform.linkedin.com/in.js" type="text/javascript">
lang: en_US
<script type="IN/Share" data-counter="right"></script>

No Count Button

3. Without Counter Share Button
If you use this code then number of total shares will not display. Just copy paste below code to show the LinkedIn share button without counter.
<script src="//platform.linkedin.com/in.js" type="text/javascript">
lang: en_US
<script type="IN/Share"></script>

For Specific URL you can also add LinkedIn Share Button. Just add below code in the main code to show LinkedIn share button for specific URL. Just change the highlighted area with your desired URL.


Now its your time to add LinkedIn Share Button to your blogger blog. Its very easy and simple task. If you face any problem then you can inform through the comment box below. Leave your valuable feedback to us and share it with others.