18 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms You Need To Know


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast area where lots of important terms are available. To get clear concept about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its proper application you need to know these terms. This knowledge can also give you right idea about what needs to do and what not. For this reason today I am going to share some important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms that will be helpful to you. So let see.

1. 301 Redirects
In this technique visitors automatically redirect from one link to another link. This technique is mainly used when a website change its address. Then visitors automatically redirected to new address. Just for example in case of Blogger, when you add a top level domain in your blog then by using this technique visitors automatically redirected from old address to new address.

2. Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO is one type of illegal website optimization practices. In this techniques search engine optimization rules and guidelines do not maintain properly by webmasters. Keyword staffing, invisible text, spamming backlinks, clocking, doorway page, link farm etc are included in this technique. It is also called Unethical SEO. Search engines always avoid these type of techniques.

3. Clocking
It’s a special type of Black Hat SEO. In this technique a website shows two different view. One is optimized for visitors and another is optimized for search engines. Just an example some times you may find some websites which has higher page rank compared to its contents and visitors. Normally its not possible, but by this technique you can do it easily. Search engines penalized a website when follow this technique. So never practice this technique in your website.

4. Doorway Page
For increasing search engine ranking when a specific page is created with dense keywords and redirect visitors to another website then it is termed as doorway page. In this technique contents are written below 50 words with a link (targeted link) and huge keywords.

5. Index Pages
When search engines store your website’s content then it is termed as index pages. Normally search engines take few hours to seven days to index a newly published content or website. Search engines always show only index pages in search result. For this reason search engine indexing is very important for getting organic traffic.

6. Link Exchange
Actually it’s a mutual contact between two or more webmasters. When two or more webmasters exchange links with each other to increase backlinks then it is termed as link exchange. Just an example a webmaster keep a link in his website, as a result other webmasters will keep his link in their website.

7. Link Farm
It’s a part of Black Hat SEO. This type of work search engines indicate as spam. Just for example, you have a website. Then you also make extra five blogs or websites and put every site’s link in every blog or website for getting backlinks. Then it is termed as link farm. When search engines indicate this type of practice then search engines will reject all websites link from index. Just build your website's backlink naturally.

8. Meta Data
Meta data contains basic information about a website. It is used to give important information ( Just like website owner, author name, author e-mail address, location, language, copy right protection, keywords, description etc) to web-crawlers about a website.

9. Sitemap
Sitemap is the basic structure of a website. It is mainly two types. First one is HTML sitemap, which is used for visitor friendly navigation and the second one is XML sitemap, which is used for web-crawler friendly navigation.

10. Panda Update
It is a series of update released by Google to its search engine ranking algorithm. It is used to increase search engine ranking of a quality website.

11. Penguin Update
it is a series of update released by Google to indicate and protect spam contents and website. It is used to decrease search engine ranking of a website which violate Google’s webmaster guideline. Basically by this algorithm Google Find out duplicate and lower quality contents.

12. Robot.txt
Robot.txt is one type of language that is use control web-crawlers. Actually it is used to inform search crawlers about the structure and content of a website. Proper using of robot.txt can give you better search engine ranking and traffic.

13. SERP
SERP it means Search Engine Results Page. It’s the result page given by a search engine with a specific keyword. Top ranking in SERP is very important for getting organic traffic.

14. Search Algorithm
Search algorithm is used to find out related results when we search through a specific keyword in search engines. Only Google use more than 200 factors to find out a search result. Google use title tag, meta tag, site age, social popularity, total G-plus, visitors etc to give appropriate search result.

15. Sandbox
Basically Google index all newly discovered websites in sandbox. After proper verification that the website is legitimate, then the site link move to main index. After sandbox verification Google shows the content in search result.

16. Traffic Rank And Page Rank
Traffic rank and page rank totally two different thing. Traffic rank is estimated by Alexa.com and it calculated on the basis of the total visitors of a website. When you get huge visitors then you will get good traffic rank. Page rank is estimated by Google.com on the basis of the total backlinks of a website. More backlinks from higher page ranked website ensure higher page rank.

17. Web-crawler or Web-spider
Web-crawler is a program that surfs all website to collect information from that website and save the information in its server.

18. White Hat SEO
When a website is optimized in a legal way then it is called White Hat SEO. In this technique webmasters follow search engine’s rule and regulation properly. This technique is so effective but long time process. It is also called Ethical SEO.

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How To Generate More Traffic From Facebook

Facebook.com a top level social networking site and also very popular to all. It has about 1.06 billion of monthly active users and 618 million of daily active users. Not only that now-a-days a Facebook Account is common to every person. Now can you imagine how Facebook is important for your blog or website traffic? By following some special techniques you can easily make Facebook as a top traffic source for your blog or website. Today I am going to share with you how to generate more traffic from Facebook.

So let see from where you will start-

Facebook Account Profile

Every Facebook user has an account profile. You need to start from your Facebook Account. You need lots of Facebook friends. Good decoration of a Facebook profile is very important to attract other people. Well designed and proper informative profile can give you lots of Facebook friend. After ensuring a complete profile you need to follow below steps to promote your site and its contents.

1. Add Your Site Link
Add your blog or website links with short description in your account profile. It will be helpful to your friends and they can easily visit your site.

2. Share Your Site's Content
Share your blog or website contents through Facebook. You can share post links, images, video clips etc with your friends. Always keep your site link in your post. Most of the people attract to visual imaged based post than written post. In your post always use nice and good quality image. This technique works great for getting more traffic from Facebook.

3. Make Comment
Give comment on others posts, images which are related with your blog or website and leave your blog or website address in that comment. By doing this when people read your comment then they will feel interest to visit your blog or website.

4. Increase Like
Inspire your Facebook friends to give like on your shared contents and posts. You can give message individually and inspire them to give like on your contents.

5. Inform Friends
Inform your friends about your blog or website. Inspire them to share your site and its contents on their Facebook profile.

Facebook Group

Firstly you can create your own Facebook group which is related to your site. Invite your friends in that group. Always be connected with your group members. If they face any problem then make discussion with them. Inspire them to visit your site. This technique gives you lots of traffic from Facebook.

Secondly you can join other Facebook groups which is related to your site. Always find related groups otherwise you may reject from that group. Make discussion with other group members and inspire them to visit your site.

Generate Hash [#] Tag In Your Facebook Post

Recently Facebook introduced clickable hash tag [#] option. By using hash tag not only fans but also other people can find your updates very easily. Use hash tag [#] only for specific word and put this sign [#] before the word. Just like if you use "#Traffic-From-Facebook" with hash tag then people can get all updates which is related with that term. Use limited (one or two times) hash tag in every post.

Create Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page is very important for getting Facebook traffic to your site. Through Facebook fan page people can easily connect with your site and also get latest updates very easily. Regular posting is very important for fan page. You can also wish your site’s fan in special days to connect with them. Share your Facebook fan page with your friends and inspire them to like your Facebook fan page.

Add Facebook Fan Page Like Button In Your Site

Connect your Facebook fan page with your site through a fan page like button in your site. As a result visitors can easily connect with your site and get updates regularly through their Facebook account without visiting your site.

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Add Facebook Like & Send Button In Your Site

Add Facebook like and send button in your site article. As a result visitors can share your contents and normally produce huge backlinks for your site.

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Link Your Facebook Profile With Other Networks

Connect your Facebook profile with other networks just like Twitter. As a result when you publish any thing in your Facebook profile then it will publish on other networks that will be helpful for getting more traffic.

Create Facebook Ads

You can create ads of your fan page or posts that will display on others Facebook account. Its a great opportunity from Facebook to promote your site. This technique will give lots of Facebook fans to your fan page and likes to your posts. If you are professional then this technique will be great to you.

NB: To get better result you need lots of friends in your Facebook Account. Try to increase friends who has common interest like you. Find out your blog or website related Facebook Group and sent friend request to that people have same interest. Most of the people do not check Facebook Page or Facebook Group to get latest updates. They only depend on news feed. For this reason you need to be active and give regular post to be active.

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Up To 90% Google Organic Search Traffic Dropped Worldwide


It’s a great alarming news to all internet user that near about 40% (percent) Google web traffic has dropped after 16th August 2013 worldwide. Almost all websites faced the problem, specially Technology, Entertainment, E-commerce related sites based on Blogger and Wordpress affected highly than other sites. Not only your website, including this site and all websites worldwide lost up to 90% (percent) Google Organic search traffic after that problem. Lots of Blogger blogs also faced about 50% (percent) to 90% (percent) Google search traffic penalty without any previous noticed or announcement. Matt Cutts, heads of the Google web-spam team did not give any updates about the problem in his blog and twitter profile. Everyone of you know that only Google organic search can give tons of traffic. Now can you imagine the present situation how much affected the sites which is only depended on Google organic search traffic.

Actually What Happened On 16th August

It is not clear to all actually what happened after 16th August 2013. But lots of website lost Google organic traffic, which is alarming to all webmasters. Is it Google Penalty Update or technical problem that occurred on that day? But it is found that Google.com and several Google services was down on 16th August 2013 between 23:52 and 23:57 BST (British Summer Time) near about for 5 minutes. After that problem webmasters around the world found that it creates a great algorithmic changes bigger than Google panda and penguin updates from last five years. It dramatically changed SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Some Trusted Sources With Detailed Information

1. GoSquared.com
GoSquared.com is a very popular and well known online tool which offers real time analytics for websites. On its real time analytics it is found that on 16th August Google.com was dramatically down near about for 5 minutes. People could not access all Google services on that time. Below the chart shows a gigantic drop in Google search found by GoSquared installed real time tracking tool.

Source: www.gosquared.com (Please click the image to enlarge)

2. Quantcast.com
Quantcast.com is a free and professional online tool which gives accurate, dependable audience insights with detailed demographic and geographic lifestyle information both for web and mobile websites. In this site they reported that on 16th August Google.com and its many services was down from 3:51 pm to 3:57 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), just over 5 minutes. Below the chart shows near about 40% (percent) web search traffic decreased in that time.

Source: www.quantcast.com (Please click the image to enlarge)

3. Algoroo.com
Algoroo is a very popular site which shows Google algorithmic changes. Below the chart shows that on 16th August and 21th August Google greatly refreshed their indexed data which not occurred before.

Source: www.algoroo.com (Please click the image to enlarge)

4. SERPMetrics.com
It’s a great online tool which shows search changes for all major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). From below chart you can easily found that on 21th August Google greatly changes its searches.

Source: www.serpmetrics.com/flux/ (Please click the image to enlarge)

From the above data now it is clear that now we are passing a complex situation. We need to recover our previous traffic and revenue. For this reason now we need to take some new steps for search engine optimization of our sites.

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NB: Above article is written just from present situation. We do not want to lose any reputation of Google and its services. We really love Google and its services. Actually we want to overcome present situation and want to get Google organic search traffic as before, just it. Be patient and best wishes to all. Smile

How To Improve Search Engine Ranking Of Blogger Blog

"Getting A Blog In Top Search Engine Ranking" a dream of every blogger. It is not necessary to say the benefits of top ranked blog in search result. Actually when visitors search through a keyword, then the position of a blog in search result is the search engine ranking of that blog. Top search engine ranking can give you tons of traffic in your blog. For this reason improving of search engine ranking is very important. Today I going to share how to improve the search engine ranking of your blogger blog. So let see the techniques-

Now How To Improve Search Engine Ranking-

1. Good Quality Content

Good quality content is very important for a blog. It increases search engine ranking and also blog authority. Search engines, specially Google always hunt unique and good quality content and shows the content in first search result. Unique and good quality content means no copy-paste, informative and descriptive content that can completely satisfied a visitor. Always remember content is KING.

2. Regular Publishing And Update

Regular publishing of content is very important. Regular posting increases web-crawling. If you post regular then search crawlers give more emphasis on your blog and frequently crawl your blog. After some interval you must update your blog content. Irregular publishing reduce blog traffic. Always publish posts in your blog after some time interval to improve search engine ranking. Professional blogger publish average 5 to 7 posts per month in their blog.

3. Use Keywords In Post Title

Keywords is very important to get organic traffic in your blog. For this reason keyword placement is very important. Post title is a very important place to keep a keyword and search crawlers give emphasis on post title. Always write a nice post title with keywords to improve search engine ranking. You can place keywords with a good combination just like-

[Post URL Area]+[Post Title Area]+[Post Description Area]=[More Importance To Search Engines]

4. Use Meta Description For Each Post

Now-a-days search engines give more emphasis on <meta> description than <meta> keywords. Nice and informative <meta> description is visitor and search engine friendly. Search engines show <meta> description in search result as an overview of the blog to the web surfer. Always write a good <meta> description that attracts visitors to your blog which improve search engine ranking.

5. Use Alt Tag For Image

Alt tag or alternative tag is used to identify an image during web page loading problem. Alt tag helps both visitors and search engines to get idea about an image. Use alt tag for each image to get better result. You can also use image title that looks attractive.

6. Internal Linking With Keywords

Internal linking (post to post link) is very important to reduce bounce rate. Bounce rate is related with page views and visited duration. Low bounce rate means maximum page views and long visited duration. It also improves search engine ranking. Search engines give priority on the blog which has low bounce rate and show the blog's content in first search result. Use keywords for internal linking to get better result.

7. Use Low Competitive And High Traffic Keywords

In search engine optimization the most important term is keyword. Only right keywords can give you tons of organic traffic. For right keywords need continuous keyword research. Google accepts 3% (percent) keyword for each post. To get better search engine ranking you need to keep right keywords in right place. Low competitive and high traffic keywords is best for newer blog. To find low competitive and high traffic keywords you can use Google Adwords. Always use two or three words as keyword to get better result. Use both primary keywords and secondary keywords.

8. Solve Broken Links

Broken link is a great problem for getting top search engine ranking. When visitors come through a broken link and found 404 errors then normally a negative effect will fall on them. Web-crawlers also ignore to show broken links in search result. For this reason you must solve broken-link problem of your blog.

9. Ensure Good Navigation

Good navigation is very important both for visitors and search crawlers. It also increases blog traffic. Always keep a Home Page Button in every page for good navigation. Always remember search engines give emphasis on good structured blog. Keep post URL simple and easy. Do not use unnecessary words just like-[ Click, Click Here, Link, Go, Link Here etc] for internal linking. Use keyword based anchor text for linking.

10. Use Sitemap

Sitemap is essential both for visitors and web-crawlers to get proper idea about the content of your blog. Use HTML Sitemap for visitors and XML Sitemap for web-crawlers.

11. Fast Loading Page

Page loading time also an important factor for search engine ranking. If you use more JavaScript, CSS codes, Flashes, Images and other codes in your blog then it will increase web page loading time. As a result search engines do not show your blog in top search result.

12. Use Keywords For Incoming Links

Every incoming link is a vote for your blog. More incoming links give more importance to search engines. Always use keywords for incoming links. Search engines also take decision from incoming anchor text. If you use keywords for those links then search engines show the content for that keywords. But during link building Quantity is not important, Quality is important. For this reason always link to higher ranked blog.

13. Global Link Popularity

Link popularity increase search engine ranking. Blog reputation also depends on link popularity. Create more quality back-links to increase your blog popularity.

14. Social Activity

Now-a-days search engines give more emphasis on socially popular blog and show the blog in top search result. Keep social sharing buttons in every post, as visitors can share the post with others. Try to increase to improve search engine ranking.

15. Age Of Your Blog

Blog age also affect search engine ranking. Old aged blog get more priority than newer one. Actually aged blog has well established and informative content that make it more important to search engines.

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How To Solve Broken Link Problem In Blogger Blog


Broken Link is a common term to web-developers. Its a great problem in getting higher internal PageRank Juice. For different reasons broken links may be found. Mainly during deleting a blog post or page, broken link problem is occurred. As a result when visitors or web-crawlers visit the URL then found Page Not Found (404 ERROR) problem. As a result visitors skip to another site and web-crawlers can not index the URL. For this reason today I am going to share how to solve broken links problem.

Why You Should Solve Broken Link Problem

1. Visitors and Web-crawlers do not find the blog post or page. This problem reduce blog reputation.

2. Search engine records it as crawling error and does not index in database.

3. Affect in internal Page-Rank juice.

4. It is not search engine friendly.

How To Solve Broken Links problem

If you are a blogger user, then you can easily solve the broken links problem by using Google Webmaster Tool. In your Google Webmaster Dashboard you can find a list of crawl errors. You can redirect 10 links/URL for each blogger blog. For this reason just redirect important URLs. Now just follow below steps to solve broken link problem-

How To Find Broken Links

When you delete a post or page then the link does not work. Visitors come in your blog through search result or other source. But your site's internal links show 404 errors where you used the link. As a result visitors ignore your blog and skip to another site. To solve this problem you can easily find out the broken links from Google Webmaster Tool.

1. Go to Google Webmaster Dashboard

2. Select your blog

3. Click Crawl Errors >> Not Found. Then you can get a list of broken links. It may be occurred for post deletion, comment deletion, page deletion. Do not worry it has less impact on your Blog SEO.




4. Choose important broken link from the list and click on the link then you can get detailed information about the broken link.


How To Redirect Broken Link To Present Link

5. Login in your blogger dashboard

6. Go to Setting >> Search Preference >> Custom Redirect >> Edit


7. Click New Redirect. Then you get two boxes. First one is FROM Box and the second one is TO Box. In FROM Bos insert your broken link and in TO Box insert present (exiting link) link. 



8. Now click Save

9. Now your broken link will successfully redirect to existing link or present link.

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How To Backup Blogger Blog


Creating a blog backup is very important to blog owner, specially for blogger user. Different types of reason you may lose your blogger blog. Just like any type of violation or mistake Google can delete your blogger blog without any notification to you. Hackers may also hack your blogger account. Then it will create great problem and also pain to you. For this reason regular backup of blogger blog is very important. If you face any type of problem then you can easily restore your previous backup blog. Previous post I have discussed about how to backup blogger template. Today I am going to share about how to backup your blogger blog.

Now How To Backup Your Single Blogger Blog-

1. Login in your Blogger Dashboard

2. Go to Template >> Setting >> Other >> Export blog

3. Now click export blog and save the backup file (which is .XML format) in your computer. By doing this you can create backup of a single blog.


Now How To Backup Your Multiple Blogger Blog-

1. Go to Google Takeout and login with the same Gmail address which you are using for blogger blogs

2. After login click Choose Service Button from the top


3. Then click Blogger from Select A Service

4. Click Create Archive button and wait until the whole backup process is complete


5. After completing the whole backup process, you will get a download button. Then click the Download button and save in your computer. By doing this you can create backup of multiple blogs of same blogger accounts.


Note: You must regularly backup your blogger blog for avoiding any type of problem. If you face any problem or your blog is deleted for any reason, then just restore your backup file to recover your blog.

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